Skyware Global XRC33F16CD 3W TRIA Ka-Band Transceiver

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The Skyware Technologies XRC transceiver is the world’s first Ka-Band VSAT transceiver capable of always-on connectivity on SCPC or TDMA data networks for demanding enterprise or government applications.

The compact, rugged and lightweight IP-67 sealed enclosure integrates a BUC, PLL LNB, OMT, and TRF, guaranteeing consistent communications performance.

Supporting flexible field-configurable circular polarization and a broad array of L-Band or S-Band IF modems, the XRC is optimized for high volume manufacturing with 1.5 and 3 watt transmit power options.

Production units are 100% tested with a rigorous process to ensure reliable maintenance-free operation for years

Delivery: 3-7 business days via DHL Express Worldwide

  • Field configurable integrated circular polarizer
  • L-Band or S-Band IF modem interface with 10 MHz reference
  • Integrated OMT and TRF for best EIRP and G/T
  • Durable IP rated enclosure


XRC33F16CD 3W TRIA Ka-Band Transceiver Spec Sheet [PDF]